Legions of Valiant Hearts Made
the Ultimate Sacrifice So You May
Have This Right

the word "VOTE"

Raising flag at Iwo JimaNovember’s mid-term election will have an enormous impact in determining our country’s path; whether or not it will work on behalf of all the people. The operative word being “all.” It is your right and it is your obligation to make your voice heard by exercising your power and casting your vote.
WWWMany people today are cynical, angry or indifferent, feeling that they’re not going to bother; burying their head in the sand. That, is a para­mount mistake for four reasons.

  1. Pvt. Anthony DeVitoFirst and foremost, legions of valiant people have died to bestow upon us that right, power and privilege. Among them was my uncle, Anthony DeVito, who made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII. I vividly remember the wails of his wife Minnie, and the sight of my mother fainting as she read the telegram. Her brother was forever gone.
  2. Leg­islation impacts our life more than we can imagine. We can opt out of par­ticipating, but not from the leg­isla­tion govern­ment and the Supreme Court hand down to us, profoundly affecting our lives and the lives of those people we love.
  3. By re­fusing to participate because of the belief that the system is hope­lessly rigged, becomes a self-ful­filling prophecy, leading to more control by pow­erful special interests.
  4. We often take for granted the liberties, op­portunities and won­derful ser­vices that we’re all the ben­efi­ciar­ies of here in our beloved America; lulled into a sort of apathetic stupor, desen­sitizing us to the gratitude we should feel. We are blessed to be here.

statue of libertyThankfully, the Supreme Court has just struck down severe voter suppression laws in Texas, and a federal judge has likewise stopped Wisconsin from instituting the same type of laws. But there are 25 other states like Florida, Indiana and Ohio that have enacted these unpatriotic and malevolent laws to blatantly prevent citizens from exercising their right to vote who have been voting legally for decades, and obstructing new would-be voters to register; perpetrated under the ludicrous guise of abating nonexistent rampant voter fraud. Between 2000 and 2014 there have been 31 cases of fraud out of more than one billion ballots casted, that’s .000000031%. The study was conducted by Yale University Law School and the Brennan Center for Justice.
If there are nefarious and treasonous forces at work in your state that dishonor and mock our fallen, trying to, or have disenfranchised your right to vote in their insatiable, profane, and mindless quest for power at any cost, you must do whatever it takes to empower and reinstate yourself. This is your duty, to say nothing of being in your and your family’s best interest. The United States ranks last among industrialized nations in voter participation. For mid-term elections it’s less than 38%, and for presidential elections it’s about 55%. That is much too complacent.
Yes, democracy is messy, not like the neat, simple, oppressive subjugation of a dictatorship. As Winston Churchill said,

Democracy is the worst form of government, except
for all the other forms that been tried from time to time.

We are fast becoming an oligarchy, where in con­cert with a mostly corrupt congress (super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff had major influence with 150 Congressional offices), the most powerful among us will take control of the coun­try, especially now with a Citizens United tilted playing field where a handful of mega-wealthy self-serving moguls are attempting to buy the election. WWWIt’s far from idealis­tic to know, we the people, can change that, because make no mistake, the vote is the great equalizer. There is a correlation between politi­cal apathy and rising dysfunctional govern­ment which works against the best interests of the peo­ple. With freedom comes responsibility.
the word "VOTE"

 Those who are too smart to engage in politics are
punished by being governed by those who are dumber.