A Fantasy Pill Come True:
One to Replace Exercise…Oh Yea

SR9009 moleculeFrom time to time I kid around with the personal trainers at the gym I attend asking, “When are you guys going to come up with a pill so I can stop coming here.” Well folks, it’s here, called SR9009, the above picture is the molecule.
WWWThe chemical was developed by Professor Thomas Burris and his team at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), one of the world’s largest, private, non-profit organizations, a world leader in biomedical breakthroughs for improved health. It researches many diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity, mental illness, Parkinson’s disease and cystic fibrosis.
WWWThis drug significantly increased the level of metabolic activity in mice that were not allowed to exercise, becoming leaner, developing larger muscles, and able to run longer distances by 50%.  Professor Burris explains,

We do have indications that the effects of the drug are very similar to what you see with someone who has metabolic disorder who starts exercising. They see a decrease in cholesterol, a decrease in triglycerides, an improvement in glucose metabolism, and a lot of this is due to transforming the muscle into a more metabolically active muscle.

SR9009 binds to a protein called Rev-erba, reving up metabolism and increasing skeletal muscle strength. Skeletal muscle is one of three types of muscle that is voluntarily controlled and are attached to bones by tendons. The other two types are smooth muscle and cardiac. “It transforms muscle into muscle that by many attributes appears to be exercising,” says Burris.
WWWSR9009 is not an appetite suppressant, laxative, fat blocker, or an ingredient found in exercise supplements, it directly works by increasing the metabolic rate and size of muscle, causing food and excess fat to be used as mitochondriaenergy. Rev-erba affects muscle cells by creating new mitochondria and disposing of mitochondria that are defective, which are power generating structures within our cells that convert oxygen and nutrients into an energy chemical called ATP (andenosene triphosphate). In short, SR9009 is an exercise program in a pill.

Human Use

The results are so promising that Professor Burris and his team are pursing a biotechnology company to develop SR9009 for safe use in humans, and hope to start human trials in the next year. This poses a viable potential in answering the obesity epidemic our society now faces, requiring a lifestyle change that so few have been unable to achieve for one reason or another. Many of the “miracle” weight loss pills now offered over the counter are unregulated and may be dangerous.
WWWThe way in which it works however, is a problem. It speeds up your biological clock. The Rev-erba protein targets the hypothalamus, and plays with your circadian rhythm—the master scheduler of your brain—your sleep schedule, response to light and dark, and cell production would be disrupted if you were to take the substance regularly. For short term use it would have great benefits as therapy for stopping muscle loss for bed ridden people or those hospitalized for long periods of time. Other p
eople that can benefit enormously from SR9009 are those with severe arthritis, congestive heart failure, and COPD, where for them, exercise is not an option.
WWWIf it comes to pass that a ST9010 drug were developed, which I think will happen, making it safe to take regularly, the benefit of this drug would be for the masses; a to-good-to-be-true way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle—exercise, a swallow away. But, there is a caveat. There’s no doubt many of us will abuse this breakthrough, using it as a free-pass to shove into our mouths greater amount of junk food and all the yummy sweets our hearts desire. There could be a counter productive bi-product in response to that kind of behavior, not knowing what deleterious health effects it may bring.
WWWI also see an irresistible attraction to this drug for those of us who do work-out and for athletes, where it no doubt would be used to enhance one’s results and performance. For now, exercise is the closest thing we have to the Fountain of Youth. It is remarkably effective and transforming; well worth the investment. See my book, Enthusiasm IS the Enemy: Get Fit Stay Fit.

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One to Replace Exercise…Oh Yea

  1. When will all we pudgies accept the fact that there’s no easy way out …
    EAT LESS, EXERCISE MORE and the fat will dwindle – most times – with no harmful effects.

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